Samurai Master Katana

Minamoto 'Samurai Master' Katana are the top of the Minamoto Katana range. Any Minamoto Katana is a properly heat treated, traditionally hand folded, hand forged katana, made by the finest traditional katana makers, but in this section you will find the legacy blades made by master sword smiths at the end of their careers. Their crowning achievements. Advanced forging techniques such as Honsanmai  Lamination, Soshu Kitae Lamination and Makuri Lamination are used. Advanced ornamental materials such as gold and mother of pearl are used for the tsuba an saya. These swords are the eternal legacy of the finest sword smiths to ever live. The best katana ever made.  

'Warlords Honour' Hand Forged Katana

'Warlords Honour' Hand Forged Katana

'Warlords Honour' Hand Forged Minamoto Katana in 1095 with a clay tempered blade and Honsanmai Lamin..


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