About Minamoto

At Minamoto Katana our smiths have been making the highest quality katana, wakizashi and tanto for generations. Each sword is a unique handcrafted piece of art. Any Minamoto Katana is a properly heat treated, traditionally hand folded, hand forged katana, made by the finest traditional katana craftsmen.

Minamoto Hand Forged Katana and Samurai Swords are the finest quality Katana available. Every Minamoto Katana is a piece of art, scrupulously hand crafted and hand forged by master samurai makers. There are many objects from other manufacturers that look like katana, but a true katana is in the forging of the blade, they way it is tempered and heat treated, and in the traditional methods of wrapping the handle and engraving the saya. Minamoto Katana is art, history and quality.

For a superior sword choose clay tempered.  The additional benefit of traditional clay tempering is that the blade can have a targeted mixture of durability and razor edge performance. By smearing clay thickly on the back of the blade before quenching, the steel cools slower, meaning the steel is softer and better able to absorb impact. By making the clay much thinner towards the edge the quenching cools the steel much faster. This leaves the steel able to have and hold a perfect razor edge. If the entire blade was done like this it would be brittle but when backed by the more malleable steel at the back the blade has the perfect mixture of edge and versatility. All clay tempered swords come with a presentation box, a stand, a cleaning kit, and a Minamoto scroll of authenticity.

The 'Samurai Master' range represents the legacy blades made by master sword smiths at the end of their careers. Their crowning achievements. Advanced forging techniques such as Honsanmai  Lamination, Soshu Kitae Lamination and Makuri Lamination are used. Advanced ornamental materials such as gold and mother of pearl are used for the tsuba an saya. These swords are the eternal legacy of the finest sword smiths to ever live. The best katana ever made.