About Minamoto

At Minamoto Katana our smiths have been making the highest quality katana, wakizashi and tanto for generations. Each sword is a unique handcrafted piece of art. Any Minamoto Katana is a properly heat treated, traditionally hand folded, hand forged katana, made by the finest traditional katana craftsmen.

In our Movie Katana section you will find all of our hand forged replica of famous katana from movies. Be sure that every Minamoto sword is a true hand crafted traditional katana, crafted by master sword smiths. You can buy hundreds of different ‘wall hanger’ versions of these swords from other manufacturers, but with a minamoto katana you are buying a traditional heat treated hand forged katana.

In our Hand Forged Katana section you will find Minamoto’s traditionally inspired katana range. We take you through the ages of the history of the samurai warrior.

Every katana in the 'Samurai master' range is made of 1060, 1095, or Damascus steel. This is the starting point of the 'Samurai Master' range. There are varied tempering techniques used. This varies from traditionally heat treated, to clay tempered, and through variations of different types of clay tempering. Some of the more expensive clay tempering techniques is what are said to have given the most famous historical katana their famous unparalleled unfading razor sharp edges. These techniques are known to but a few of the most famous sword makers at Minamoto and their secrets jealously guarded. You will also find the materials used in the saya and tsuba in our Samurai Master range to be expensive and exotic. You will find gold, mother of pearl, buffalo horn, and many other saya and tsuba components reserved only for the most powerful of the Samurai caste.